Stephen Orth

About the photographer/artist

I started taking pictures at a very young age with inexpensive cameras. And back in those days, it was shot on film. There was no digital photography back then.  The closest that you came to immediate delivery or viewing of your image was with an "instant" camera popularized by Polaroid.  I did have a few of those over the years, as well as a variety of film cameras including Kodak and Canon.  Much of the pictures taken then were family photos and vacation photos.  I did have the opportunity to capture some special events like manned space missions in the Apollo era as well as the Space Shuttle, also some unmanned missions when communication and other satellites were launched.

In 2006 I was promoted to a position that spurred my development as a commercial photographer.  This also started my participation in the digital age of photography from capture to processing and finally output.  Prior to this time it was a matter of getting a digital version of my film output from the processor.  This new position at work also gave me numerous challenges of working with lighting and adapting to new situations as the style of artistic output evolved.  This also led me to explore again, and more deeply, landscape and wildlife photography.  And in 2014 we started to work more with models, and I was added to these monthly shoots.

Now it was time to develop new skills and I needed to adapt my landscape and wildlife photography to the environmental lifestyle photography genre.  2014 also saw the development of my interest in cosplay photography, again because it was the convergence of landscape and human fashion photography, but it also added the element of being able to work with those images to create a fantasy or fantastical scene.

As far as what the future might hold, I hope to explore underwater photography, have the opportunity to present pieces in a gallery setting, and ultimately to find an outlet where I would be able to sell my artistic pieces.